Reviews and Testimonials

Here’s what our loyal customers have to say about our products and services:


“Thank you for your great service. I was a service manager for 30 years and I know exemplary service- yours is five star.”

 “I took my first bicycle ride of the season today, about 16 miles.   When I had my old bicycle seat, that would have meant some personal issues for the evening and no bicycle riding for a few days. Going to the bathroom hurt, tight clothing hurt..  But since The Bicycle Doctor sold me the PHORM S/310 Max womens seat with 3 comfort zones, I can concentrate on other things, like getting ready for a party, grilling in my back yard, swimming with my grandchildren and wearing my skinny jeans. Thanks Cyd & Robert for recommending the PHORM seat.  I look forward to another equal distance ride tomorrow pushing myself to go faster, then the day after that I intend to pedal 33 miles 3 days in a row to reach my goal of 100 miles. Thanks for knowing all the issues of an uncomfortable seat without me going into details. Thanks for knowing PHORM developed the right answers.”

“I have huge news! After asking my daddy for weeks, he finally took my training wheels off. I took off on my yellow Jamis bike Mommy and Daddy got for me at the Bicycle Doctor. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am three years old. When I was two, they got me a Strider bike so that I could learn to balance and then when I was two and a half they got me my yellow one. I have been riding it for almost a year now and I ride with my Mom and Dad for almost 3 miles. I’m on two wheels now and my Jamis bike is so easy to pedal- I can go really fast! Mommy can’t run to keep up with me anymore. I still sometimes ride my old Strider (I’m kinda a daredevil on it now) but rides on my big bike are great!”

“I love the Continental Touring Plus tire that you put on my front wheel of my Jamis Commuter 3.  The wider tire and lower pressure really soften out the cracks and bumps in the road, and I have not noticed much if any increase in rolling resistance.  Good recommendation, thanks!  I will use those tires again in the future.”