Service and Repairs

Everyday fast & fabulous service — We take pride in our expertise in all areas of bicycle mechanics.  The Doctor is Schwinn & Shimano certified.  We can fix all makes & models of bicycle from a Mongoose to a vintage Motobecane, including electric bikes.  Our turn-around time is very fast, usually same day or next day.  So, stop in and tell the Doctor where it hurts.

Mini Tune-Up – $45 (+ parts & installation)
Adjust front & rear derailleur, front & rear brakes, headset, bottom bracket, & wheel bearings.
Minor wheel truing with wheels in place.
Lube chain & cables.
Check all bolts.
Air-up the tires
Safety inspection and recommendations.

Complete Tune-Up – $65 (+ parts & installation)
Same as above plus:
Complete wipe down of bicycle.
Re-tensioning of all cables
Major wheel truing.

Over Haul – $150 summer / $135 Winter (+parts)
We completely take apart you bicycle, all the way down to the frame.
Every part is cleaned & re-lubricated.
Bearings are repacked &/or replaced, as needed.
If you ride during the winter months around here you should be doing this every year.
Water and salt have a magical way of getting into everything and wreaking havoc. A little
TLC every year can make your bike last a lifetime.

Custom Wheel Building — $45 & up.   This is one of the Doctor’s favorite operations —  a hub, a rim, a handful of spokes, the focus of the Master and, voila!  A new wheel is born! Bicycle Doctor has the only Phil Wood spoke machine in central Illinois, so we can manufacture the exact length spoke for you on the spot.

Here is the Doc building a wheel.  It may look like he’s talking, but really he is holding his mouth just right so the wheel will turn out perfect!