More Bike noises

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Chain noise, and poor shifting only when pedaling. This is probably a derailleur adjustment issue. This may be as simple as a stretched shift cable, a simple and quick adjustment in the shop. Something like this is done at no cost, on bikes that were bought at my shop. A more potentially dangerous cause might be a bent derailleur hanger. This may be caused by lots of things, but if not attended too, can allow the derailleur to shift into the spokes of the rear wheel! This can badly damage the hanger, the derailleur, and the rear wheel. You can see how this can add up to a major repair. The hanger on modern bikes are designed to break off of the frame rather than damage the frame. Older bikes may have the hanger as part of the rear drop out. This repair requires special alignment tools and knowledge of frame repair. Yes….I do that too.

More noises to be aware of….

RATTLES…Something is loose! Inspect you bike and find the source of that noise. A common rattle is caused by a loose valve nut on a presta valve. Just tighten it down, but only finger tight.

CREAKS: These can be hard to chase down. Causes, Loose bottom bracket, bad bottom bracket, Handlebar/stem connection, Stem/steering tube connection, Saddle rails on the seat post clamp, the saddle itself. Best to bring the bike to the shop, we have seen it all!

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